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Understanding Your Hair Texture

Understanding your hair texture

Those of us blessed with naturally textured hair know that it definitely has a mind of its own. While a gorgeous cascade of curls can be incredibly swoon-worthy, an untamed “bird’s nest” is decidedly less so. Textured hair requires its own unique care that starts with the cut and extends through everyday styling. By embracing…..


Taboo Topics for Salon Conversation

Salon conversation that we shouldn't have

  There’s always been this “anything goes” rule in hair salons and barbershops that very little on the conversation docket is ever really considered off limits. Like in the movies Steel Magnolias and Coming To America, it’s where some (if not most) of the best conversations occur. Behind closed doors, salons and barbershops turn into…..


In-between Appointment Grooming Tips for Men

Mens' grooming tips for rushed morning

People often say that men have it easy in the morning. But despite the fact that there are as many steps in a man’s morning routine as there is in a woman’s, it’s not enough for you guys to simply roll out of bed and into a pair of pants and a shirt and shimmy…..


5 Questions To Ask Your Stylist

Hair brush and styling tools

  Walking into the salon can be exhilarating and even just a tiny bit intimidating at times. When you sit in the styling chair, we immediately start asking questions, including the most important one of them all, “And what are we doing today?” But this beauty interrogation isn’t one-sided by any means. We want and…..


Wait! Before You Book That Hair Appointment…

Before you book your hair appointment find pictures

In a perfect world, every client would find their perfect stylist on the first try. Maybe you stumble across their Instagram feed or website and discover that they create looks that you love, went to the same concert you did last month and have a sense of humor to boot. You book your first appointment…..